A long-lasting, non-toxic, all-natural, invisible germ barrier shield that is backed by proven research!

GermProof® lasts for hours after application and creates an impenetrable barrier shield to stop incoming dangerous bacteria and viruses! STOP ingesting alcohol via alcohol based sanitizers. You are ingesting all of that alcohol and making your PH so acidic!

Spray it on hands and feet, inside ear canals, and nasal passages to neutralize incoming germs in seconds for hours at a time! GermProof® works against 99.9% of germs. 

GermProof® has no odor and is non-sticky. It does not dry out the skin, and it is non-toxic. You can even apply GermProof® to wounds, burns, acne, bug bites and even psoriasis. It's proven to speed up healing and stop infections!

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