Frequently Asked Questions

 Why chelated silver over colloidal silver?

Silver has had a long history of applications in human health - water purification, wound care, bone prostheses, reconstructive surgery, etc. In both forms (chelated and colloidal), silver has been used to kill even the most antibiotic-resistant germ strains. Importantly for everyday wound care, silver stimulates the skin and is commonly used to regenerate whole areas of lost skin.

'Chelated' refers to silver ions that are attached to the chitosan molecule, turning them cationic or positively charged. This positive charge causes the particle to adhere to the naturally negatively-charged skin. 'Colloidal Silver', on the other hand, is a suspension of elemental silver which will not adhere to the skin, as it is made up of solid particles. Most colloidal products are taken orally.  

Chelated silver is more easily applied and more amenable to animal and human physiology than is colloidal silver. Documented laboratory testing has also demonstrated that chelated silver is [up to 10 times] more efficacious in preventing and eradicating a broad spectrum of microbes [including staph infections] and skin maladies.

Where is GermProof®  made and  where do you ship from

GermProof® is made the in the USA and ships from the USA!

Why is GermProof® better than alcohol sanitizers?

Does GermProof® burn or sting when applied on skin, hands, feet, nostrils, nasal passages, ear canals, wounds, scrapes, etc.?

GermProof® does not sting or burn when applied to skin, hands, feet, nostrils, nasal passages, ear canals, burns, or wounds. With the spray, if applying to scrapes, abrasions, or other wounds, including sunburn and minor burns, there may be only a slight momentary tingling sensation. With the squeeze gel, there is no tingling sensation on wounds, scrapes, burns, and other sores.

What all does GermProof® prevent?

MRSA, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, and Candida albicans are also known as Thrush, C-Diff, E.coli, and Aspergillus brasiliensis, also known as Black Mold. We will be posting lab results on GermProof® vs. Covid19 / CoronaVirus soon! Yes, it is effective vs. Covid-19 and the Delta Variant! Lab test results are coming soon!

Do I need to reapply GermProof® after washing my hands?

GermProof® will still be present and active on hands even after washing after several washes, but it is always wise to reapply a slight amount after washing and drying. If you'd rather not reapply after washing, wash hands lightly and dry your hands by patting gently, this will leave your hands slightly moist. Lather moist hands together and allow them to dry. GermProof® contains glycerine, so by lathering hands together after washing is an excellent way to redistribute the solution.

You should never skip washing your hands after going to the bathroom, even if you are wearing GermProof®. Brands that say their products stay on hands after many washings and remain as active as the initial application are misleading. They are also using unhealthy silicones, triclosan, and other dangerous chemicals.

How long will GermProof® last when applied to hands, nasal passages, and feet as a barrier protectant? 

GermProof®, when applied in lab testing in normal environmental lab surroundings, will continue to work for 24 hrs, for proof to see our lab results. Our hands and feet though are exposed to rubbing, sweating, sloughing, and shedding constantly. Due to this nature, GermProof® will continue to work as a protectant for several hours as opposed to 24 hrs as in a lab environment where such environmental exposure does not take place. 

If you see other products making claims of more than a few hours, some say 24 hours; they are not honest. They are talking about an untouched lab environment where there is no exposure to normal wear and tear, such as rubbing, sweating, and shedding of skin. Do not be misled by such false claims. 

GermProof® will last for hours on the skin, inside ears and nasal pages, and for up to three days on wounds and burns that have bandages over them. GermProof® will last for up to 24 hours and continue to protect and neutralize germs on hard surfaces, such as counters and tables, handles, etc.!

There are other products out there that contain Benzalkonium Chloride, but this is very toxic as it will accumulate by absorption inside of your system with prolonged use. Benzalkonium Chloride will sting on wounds and offers no aid in wound recovery like GermProof® does. Benzalkonium products also smell bad, are sticky, drying, hurt the eyes, and are not safe around children and can be very toxic if ingested. GermProof® has no odor, does not sting even if it gets into your eyes, is non-toxic, and 100% all-natural! GermProof® contains no silicones, triclosan, or perfumes. GermProof® leaves skin soft and smooth and doesn't dry it out!

Sometimes I can't get the spray to come out? What do I do? 

If you are having issues with the pump not spraying GermProof out, the fix is simple. The Chitosan may be holding up the pump head or the pump hole may be clogged with Chitosan. To fix, simply remove the black cap, it pulls off easy and clean underneath it by running warm water over it under a top. You may also want to wash out the spray hole as well, replace the black cap and pump again. You should be good to go!

Do you have scientific research to back up what GermProof® says it does?

We sure do, while others can't back up their ridiculous claims.  Click here to see our proof!

What's better and more convenient, the squeeze gel or the spray?

Our gel tube is coming soon. Please stay tuned! The spray is the same ingredient and easier to apply!

The spray is more convenient and is perfect to use when applying as a protector on hands, feet, nasal passages, and ears for quicker application and dry time. The gel is excellent on wounds because of the thick coating it makes and because there is no momentary tingling sensation on wounds from the gel. The gel also works great as a protector on hands because of the slightly thicker barrier it creates.

When putting on hands as a protector, the gel will stand up better after washing and lightly drying; you can rub your hands together and feel its coating. We suggest buying both applications as they work well when used together in all scenarios. Be sure to allow the gel tube more dry time before exposure to normal activities if using as a protector. The spray is more convenient for kids and those really on the go. It works great on hard surfaces too. Spray and wipe with a clean cloth on counters, and those dirty flight tables and headrests on airplanes, movie theater seat headrests, toilet seats, tables, desks, door handles, light switches, remote controls and more, for a lasting GermProof® barrier!

What size are the spray and gel?

The spray is one net oz, and the gel is .75 net oz in weight

What is the shelf life?

30 months