GermProof® lab results

No other products that claim to protect from germs/viruses come even close to comparing to what GermProof® does!  No other products are this natural, and this effective and create this kind of lasting barrier against harmful bacteria and viruses. GermProof stops and neutralizes 99.9% of germs in seconds and continues working to eliminate bad bacteria and harmful viruses ongoing that keep coming! It's more powerful than alcohol and it keeps on working to stop germs after application for hours!

GermProof® is a patented protector that does what its name says it does!  No other products that compare have this kind of laboratory proof behind them and no other chelated silver anti-germ products exist that create this ongoing all-natural safe anti-microbial barrier! Keep in mind; this was in unexposed laboratory conditions. 

We do not advocate GermProof® working for 24 hours on skin that is exposed to daily rubbing, sweating, grabbing and shedding, etc. We're not here to make false claims like others do. It is safe, however, to say that GermProof® will last for approximately four hours as a GermProof® barrier protector on hand and foot skin exposed to the daily cycle of life and much longer for those whose skin is less exposed to everyday wear and tear. Yes it can be used as a natural, long lasting hand sanitizer and can also be sprayed in nostrils and ear canals for residual barrier ongoing protection.  Stay GermProof with GermProof!

GermProof® will last for 24 hours on wounds that are protected and skin that does not have to go through the daily wear and tear phase. GermProof lasts for 24 hours on hard surfaces too!

Also, not only is chelated silver an incredible anti-microbial agent, 


 Lab results vs. MRSA 
Lab results vs. Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, 
Candida albicans and 
Aspergillus brasiliensis