GermProof® it!

Long-lasting all-natural GermProof® protection! Lasts for hours per application. Apply to hands, feet, inside ear canals, nostrils, and nasal passages to create an invisible GermProof® barrier. GermProof® also works on wounds and minor burns to promote healthier, quicker healing!

GermProof® isn't just great for stopping Viruses and Bad Bacteria on a day to day basis as a hand sanitizer replacement! It also helps drastically with scrapes, cuts, burns, and other wounds, while promoting healthier quicker healing!

GermProof® offers instant pain relief for scrapes such as this. The odorless, non-toxic, chemical-free, and alcohol-free formula provides long-lasting protection. GermProof® also works great for general daily GermProof protection for all skin areas, inside nasal passages, and even ear canals where most germs enter!

Dry, cracked skin? GermProof® it!

GermProof® soothes and heals dry, cracked skin much faster than other silver products. Thanks to GermProof's® patented formula, which creates an invisible barrier that fights off germs for hours after application. GermProof® also moisturizes and hydrates dry, cracked skin, leading to even faster recovery. GermProof® also works fantastic on chapped, parched lips!

Gymnastic tears & blisters? (ouch!) GermProof® them!

GermProof® provides an active barrier which prevents infections and promotes quick skin cell regeneration. GermProof® helps you heal faster so you can get back to doing what you love!

Use GermProof® to soothe and seal open blisters

Open blisters need to be GermProofed or they can lead to cellulitis and MRSA infection! GermProof® will seal them, kill the bacteria that has already entered them and keep them from getting infected. GermProof® speeds up recovery, like nothing you've ever seen before!

What you put on your skin, you should be able to ingest & should be non-toxic! How does GermProof® work?

Anything you put on your skin, your biggest organ, you should be able to ingest since your skin absorbs everything you put on it! GermProof® contains no chemicals, alcohol or any other toxins. GermProof® is 100% all natural! 

 GermProof® is excellent to use as a daily skin protector and hand sanitizer. Throw away your regular hand sanitizers! Once applied on hands, feet, and other skin areas, including nasal passages and ear canals, where viruses and bacteria usually enter, GermProof® creates an invisible residual germ barrier that works quickly to neutralize active germs and stop new ones for hours at a time!


If used on cuts and other wounds, it seals them from bacteria and helps promote quicker, healthier healing! GermProof® does what no hand sanitizer can come close to replicating!


GermProof® is non-drying to skin, and lasts for hours per application because of the patented lasting germ barrier it creates when applied to skin.


No hand sanitizer can offer anywhere near this protection or be used in such sensitive areas or on wounds. Regular hand sanitizers also do not provide any barrier protection and stop working within seconds of application!


The magic behind this is a proprietary, patented molecule containing bonded chelated silver, and vegan chitosan. The negative charge of this unique molecule magnetically attaches to positively charged human tissue and creates an invisible “GermProof” barrier over skin – hence the name!


Both ingredients that make up the proprietary Complex molecule – silver and vegan chitosan – are widely known for their antimicrobial properties. Silver and chitosan penetrate the membranes of the pathogen and annihilate the internal structures once inside.


Silver has been used as a natural antimicrobial for centuries, and it is one of the most actively used ingredients in advanced wound care.


Chitosan’s efficacy as an antimicrobial is well documented, as well as its properties, which create a biodegradable film to form natural bonds with human skin. Additionally, chitosan promotes faster healing and reduces bleeding by delivering extrinsic antimicrobial agents to affected areas. Why use alcohol sanitizers that offer no barrier protection, dry out hands, and create open cracks that attract bacteria!

GermProof® contains the highest concentration of chelated silver on the market!

While most silver-containing products use colloidal silver, which does not bond to the skin and is in quantities of only 10ppm, GermProof® contains 200PPM of chelated silver, standing in a league of its own!

Evolved solution for evolved germs!

Some of the most popular wound care products, such as Neosporin, were developed over 60 years ago when these new strains of bacteria did not exist.


These new bacteria strains are resistant to old wound care products and can turn simple cuts or burns into difficult-to-treat infections.  


GermProof® works to form a persistent, invisible, breathable barrier over the skin, hands, feet, ear canals, nostrils, and nasal passages, where most germs enter.
GermProof® works great on wounds and continues to protect against germs or hours and hours at a time!


GermProof® is effective against a wide range of pathogens such as MRSA, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Candida albicans - which causes candidiasis, also known as Thrush, C-Diff, E.coli, and Aspergillus brasiliensis also known as Black Mold.


So yes, you can use GermProof® as a daily protector, hand sanitizer too! Throw away your skin drying hand sanitizers! GermProof® is far superior and keeps on working after application!

GermProof® is more than just a general day to day hand sanitizer replacement. It also helps wounds heal up 3 x faster than other silver products!

GermProof® silver spray gel also helps wounds and sores heal quicker and healthier. It soothes and activates faster healing through the GermProof® barrier.


This impenetrable barrier neutralizes the germs already in the injury and denies new bacteria further entry into the wound.

Baby-friendly and hypoallergenic

GermProof® is safe for kids of all ages, it's also hypoallergenic, meaning it contains no allergens.


We created a product label that shows the logo for young children on one side and the logo for youth aged kids, teens, and adults on the other side!


Our spray version of GermProof® spray gel is dispensed in an infant-safe container to prevent curious little hands from extinguishing your supply!


It is 100% safe, and should it accidentally gets into a child's eye, it can be rinsed with no harmful effects, as it will feel no worse than a saline eye drop for less than five seconds.

100% safe for kids, 100% potent against bacteria as a daily hand sanitizer replacement! Apply to inside nostrils, nasal passages, and ear canals, for extra invisible barrier protection. Kills athletes foot too and prevents it!

As kids tend to be more accident-prone than adults, there is a need for a natural, gentle, yet powerful way to protect their delicate skins as they explore the world around them. If only there were a gentle way to keep their skin protected from potentially nasty infections that could so easily cause scarring.


Enter GermProof®. GermProof® is all-natural, and gentle-acting, yet fiercely powerful against the many germs and bugs that kids can pick up so easily. It is so safe that even when accidentally sprayed into the eye, it can be likened to a momentary dip in a salt-water pool.


It is 100% non-toxic and safe. However, it's non-toxicity does not take away from its power to deliver gentle relief and healthier healing from sunburns, wounds, sores, infections, burns, athletes foot and more!

Can my child use it on their hands to protect from germs at school from other infected classmates or if we're at an amusement park?


Isn't it important for kids to build their immunity? While little ones need to develop resistance by interaction with the environment, nasty pathogens like MRSA need to be terminated!


GermProof® is safe and effective for kids and those of all ages to use as a daily natural, long-lasting germ protector on all skin areas, including nostrils, nasal passages, and ear canals to help keep out airborne germs!


GermProof® has an adult logo on one side and a kid-friendly logo on the other side as its safe for all!

Superior germ proofing technology!

The Complex GermProof® patented technology acts like a magnet, allowing GermProof® to bind closely with skin surfaces to form a lasting germ barrier. This provides for immediate and ongoing protection against germs and other bacteria while preventing bacterial infections including MRSA.  To crown it all, it promotes a faster healing process by stimulating new skin cell growth!


It is important to remember that GermProof® is not a liquid bandage, or a spray-on bandage even though it does work to also stem bleeding.


GermProof® will work as a daily protector as well.  It's great to use on hands, feet and other skin areas to keep Germs out!  Spray it in your ear canals, nostrils and nasal passages when in public areas for extra airborne protection too!

GermProof® also soothes and prevents sunburns from blistering

If applied soon enough, GermProof® will soothe your sunburned skin and prevent it from blistering or peeling. All you have to do is spray it on, let it dry and reapply every 6 hours to that burn into a tan!  

GermProof® Ingredients

Chelated Silver (200 ppm), Distilled water, Vegan Chitosan Natural Polycationic Polymers


What is Chitosan?

Chitosan is a naturally occurring polymer found in crustacean shells and the walls of certain fungi. Like silver, chitosan has many healthcare applications, such as in bandages, to reduce bleeding, as an antimicrobial agent, and as a delivery agent for drugs.


People with shellfish allergies need not worry; our chitosan is vegan and derived from fungi, not shellfish! Here is a good article that talks more about comparing chitosan and it's properties from mushrooms vs. shellfish chitosan.


It is the vegan chitosan component of our proprietory complex that forms a positively-charged biodegradable film that naturally bonds with the negatively charged human skin. This natural bond is the principle behind GermProof's ® effective wound-protectant barrier, which gradually erodes. The erosion happens because skin cells are shed during the healing process. 


GermProof® will adhere to wounds with the barrier it creates for up to 24 hours. GermProof® is also safe on all textile surfaces, fabric, and upholstery!


Express healing for burns

Burns are intensely painful, and they can take an agonizingly long time to heal, not forgetting the increased risk of infection they present.


GermProof® instantly cools and soothes burns while providing a bug-busting barrier over the area, which speeds up the healing process.

Why Chelated Silver instead of Colloidal Silver?

Silver has had a long history of personal health applications - water purification, wound care, bone prostheses, reconstructive surgery, etc. In both forms (chelated and colloidal), silver has been used to kill even the most antibiotic-resistant germ strains.


Importantly for everyday wound care, silver stimulates the skin and is commonly used to regenerate whole areas of lost skin.


Chelated refers to silver ions attached to the Chitosan molecule, making them cationic or positively charged. This positive charge causes the particle to adhere to the naturally negatively-charged skin. ‘Colloidal Silver’, on the other hand, is a suspension of elemental silver which will not adhere to the skin, as it is made up of solid particles.


Most colloidal products are taken orally.
Chelated silver is more easily applied and more amenable to animal and human physiology than is colloidal silver.


Documented laboratory testing has also demonstrated that chelated silver is [up to 10 times] more efficacious in preventing and eradicating a broad spectrum of microbes [including staph infections] and skin maladies.

GermProof your hands daily for soft clean health!

You can use GermProof® on your hands daily. GermProof® neutralizes germs and keeps hands GermProof®, soft and healthy for hours at a time!


GermProof® isn't just for wounds, burns, bites, infections, and sores; it also protects your hands with an all-natural, long-lasting GermProof® barrier for hours at a time!

Yes you can GermProof your feet safely and effectively too!

Lots of us have to go barefoot in areas with high traffic. Be it the gym, the locker room, a public shower, or at the pool. Gymnastics gyms and more are home to heaps of bare feet traffic that is just begging for infection!
Bare feet are susceptible to enormous amounts of dangerous bacteria.


You can GermProof your feet for general use and help prevent athletes foot and other fungus and bacteria lurking around. GermProof® leaves your feet soft and supple and protected to face the germ-infested floors that you have to endure! Apply it between your toes, too, for ensured protection. Bacteria like to get into hot, sweaty areas and between toes is a haven for bacteria! Be sure to let it thoroughly dry first before stepping on floors barefoot, though.

Can the skin or wound breathe under GermProof® once it's applied?

Skin can breathe after GermProof® has been applied because the barrier that it provides is a barrier that is meant to keep only germs out, not the air, while delivering ongoing germ kill ability.


Skin sheds and sloughs and gets plenty of air, but the molecules of GermProof® stay intact to provide what it's supposed to do, and that is to make the wound or sore GermProof! GermProof® isn't a liquid bandage; it's an invisible GermProof® barrier. It promotes effective protection from bacteria for hours at a time.


On wounds, it provides quicker healing, infection prevention, and also fights off current infections! Reapply to wound after a maximum of 24 hours.

Can I use GermProof® on hard surfaces?

The chitosan-silver molecule is not ionic as in colloidal silver; it is cationic, which means it is positively charged and will adhere to your skin, which is naturally negatively charged.


Incidentally, that is also the case for all hard surfaces. All hard surfaces are also negatively charged, and thus GermProof® will adhere longer to the surface. The chelated silver will darken slightly, but this does not lessen its ability to eliminate germs and provide continuous hard surface GermProof protection.


We are coming out with convenient, single-use GermProof® wipes very soon. It works well on hard surfaces and is 100% safe to use on food preparation areas, dining tables, counters, and more!

Is the formula FDA approved?

Our chemist who developed the GermProof® formula has had it approved and tested by research. The GermProof® solution has been registered with the FDA for some time now. GermProof® is processed and packaged in FDA regulated facilities.