GermProof Chelated Silver Spray.

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GermProof is Made in the USA!

This is not a hand sanitizer, it is SO much more!

We advise ordering more than one as shipping for multiples is the same as one!

What you put on your skin, you should be able to ingest & should be non-toxic! Your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs everything you put on it!

Long-lasting ALL NATURAL dual purpose wound and burn healer, disinfectant, hand sanitizer and so much more! GermProof® neutralizes viruses and bad bacteria only, in seconds and keeps on protecting for hours! Use also on feet, inside ear canals, and nasal cavities to stop incoming airborne bacteria and viruses as it provides lasting protection for hours at a time! Use it also on; wounds, burns, sunburn (prevents peeling), psoriasis, insect bites (stops the itch instantly), razor nicks and razor burn, infections, acne, eczema, warts, and even counters. Use it on pets too for fast healing of just about anything!

Promotes quicker, healthier healing when used on wounds, burns, sunburn, acne, ezcema, warts, psoriasis, and many other ailments. Creates a long-lasting barrier to dangerous bacteria and viruses for hours at a time & for 24 hours on hard surfaces!

The GermProof® Difference - Non-Toxic, ALL NATURAL & Safe for all ages, including young children! MADE and packaged 100% in the USA!

GermProof® Complex, the patented active ingredient in GermProof®, combines the well-established all-natural, 100% safe anti-microbial properties of chelated silver with a naturally occurring polymer via vegan chitosan that creates a long-lasting germproof barrier on skin for hours per application. Not to be confused with colloidal silver. There is a huge difference between the two.

'Chelated' refers to silver ions that are attached to the chitosan molecule, turning them cationic or positively charged. This positive charge causes the particle to adhere to the naturally negatively-charged skin. 'Colloidal Silver', on the other hand, is a suspension of elemental silver that will not adhere to the skin, as it is made up of solid particles. Most colloidal products are taken orally.

Chelated silver is more easily applied and more amenable to animal and human physiology than is colloidal silver. Documented laboratory testing has also demonstrated that chelated silver is [up to 10 times] more efficacious in preventing and eradicating a broad spectrum of microbes [including staph infections] and skin maladies.

GermProof® creates a unique molecule that provides a safe, highly effective, personal, and medical skincare protector, with the research to prove it! GermProof® also lasts on hard surfaces and keeps on working as a bacteria and virus protector barrier for up to 24hrs!

GermProof®, when used on hands and feet or any skin area, provides a protective GermProof® barrier that neutralizes germs on contact and continues to work for hours, it's a superior all-natural alternative over hand sanitizers.

Such technology has never before been seen. This is something alcohol can't do, and GermProof® doesn't dry out your skin as alcohol does. GermProof® is also safe to apply inside nostrils, nasal passages, and inside ear canals to leave an all-natural protective GermProof® anti-microbial barrier against airborne germs that lasts for hours at a time. Reapply if you blow your nose.

GermProof® works effectively well also on psoriasis, wounds such as cuts, abrasions, lacerations, open blisters, sunburn, and other minor burns. It helps and prevents, Mrsa infections, Staph infections, Cellulitis infections, Pseudomonas, E.coli, C-Diff, Athletes foot, Acne, Eczema, Infections, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, those with Diabetes to prevent infections. It stops infections in insect bites and stings and lessens up the itch dramatically. It soothes and diminishes razor burn, stops bleeding with razor nicks, helps heal Rosacea, warts, shingles, and so much more! It works to speed up healing and to ensure healing is healthy.

    • GermProof® Complex is not an antibiotic, and there is no known bacterial resistance.
    • GermProof® Complex has been scientifically proven to stop MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
    • Unlike triple antibiotics, GermProof® creates a GermProof barrier over skin as a general daily protector. On wounds, it prevents and fights infection for up to 3 days. When used on wounds, this does not work like a band-aid. It's not meant to stop or close bleeding, although it will help to reduce bleeding especially minor bleeding. GermProof® is like an invisible force field that protects from germs ongoing!
    • GermProof® is child-safe and hypoallergenic.
    • The active ingredients in GermProof® Complex are naturally derived and non-toxic.
    • GermProof® contains no alcohol, triclosan, silicone, fragrance, parabens, or oils and is free of all allergens. It's also not sticky and is odor-free, it will not dry out hands either like alcohol or benzalkonium chloride does
    • Size: 1 Oz or 30 ml, 200 sprays approx. Carries perfectly in pocket, you'll hardly know it's there!
    • Ingredients: Chelated Silver (200 ppm), Distilled water, Vegan Chitosan, Natural Polycationic Polymers, Glycerin, L-Arginine
    • Directions for use: Clean area of desired use if possible and when using GermProof®on hands and feet for general purpose as a daily protector, spray-on front and back of hands, on soles of feet and heels and in between toes. Allow 30-45 seconds to neutralize all germs and to dry. When spraying inside nostrils. Nasal passages and Ear canals, one good spray should suffice for several hours approx. If you blow your nose reapply. If applying to a wound, clean and clear the wound first, dress the wound with a sterile gauze or secondary dressing, and reapply 1-3 times daily or as needed and allow to dry. On wounds and burns, it is sufficient for up to 24 hours. On hands and feet, it is effective for approximately 4-8 hours, depending on exposure conditions. Storage Instructions: Keep at 55-88 Fahrenheit for storage. The expiry date is 30 months.

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  • 5

    Posted by Kristy on 22nd Sep 2023

    Very pleased with this product and feel it heals things faster. Had to have stitches from from a bad gash on my finger and sprayed Germproof on it everyday. Hardly no scar!?

  • 5

    Posted by William Palmer on 4th Aug 2023

    This product will surprise you. Seems to be effective for many uses!

  • 5
    Germ propf

    Posted by Sheri on 26th Jun 2023

    I Use it all the time. I have health issues can’t be catching all my great grand kids colds etc. GermProof keeps me safe!

  • 5

    Posted by Paula on 18th Jun 2023

    Outstanding product. Used on open wound and within 48 hrs almost healed. Returned from cruise.,took my Germproof. Sprayed all over our room. Does wonders no illness on board!

  • 5
    Germ proof

    Posted by Carolyn on 17th Jun 2023

    I had gotten a free bottle with my previous order, and I bit my tongue last night. I had a open sore, boy did it hurt, I dried it off and sprayed some GermProof on the open sore, went to bed, got up this morning and Wala no sore tongue and it is not even swelled where I bit it. This product is awesome, so I ordered three more spray bottles. I am so glad I came across this GermProof spray. I am a very happy camper right now and my fingers split in the winter time and I can't wait to try it on my fingers this winter.

  • 5
    Germ Proof

    Posted by Mandy Lynn on 15th Jun 2023

    I love this product. I have used it on multiple Cuts, scrapes, even a cat bite. It heals everything so quickly! I just ordered 4 more. You have a fabulous product!

  • 5

    Posted by Belinda on 14th Jun 2023

    I've been applying it to my psoriasis on my elbows and one knee. The spots are getting better!!!!!!! Nothing else has worked this well.

  • 5
    Miracle Cure!

    Posted by D Sullivan on 13th Jun 2023

    For two years I suffered from a serious rash that is called dyshidrotic-eczema for which doctors have no clue to its cause nor cure. It began after being exposed to vaccinated family members shedding on me. After each visit (usually once a month) the rash would appear and erupt in awful itching, burning. Then i found GermProof Silver spray and began using it after trying NUMEROUS other topical treatments. NOTHING CAME CLOSE to the PAIN RELIEF AND HEALING that GermProof provided. The product is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it INSTEAD of steroids or other toxic big phama treatments. Thank you, thank you, thank you! D. Sullivan

  • 5

    Posted by Barbara on 3rd Jun 2023

    I had a large 2nd degree burn on my thigh. Urgent care bandaged it, and they told me to wash it twice a day and keep it bandaged and it would heal in a few months. Their bandages popped all the blisters. Instead of keeping it bandaged, I instead sprayed it with GermProof twice a day after I washed it, and left it open to the air. It healed in a month with no problems at all and did not leave a scar.