GermProof® Silver Squeeze Gel. Young Children, Youth Aged Children, Teens and Adults. Safe for children of all ages!
GermProof® Silver Squeeze Gel. Young Children, Youth Aged Children, Teens and Adults. Safe for children of all ages!

GermProof® Silver Squeeze Gel. Young Children, Youth Aged Children, Teens and Adults. Safe for children of all ages!

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The GermProof® Difference - Non Toxic & Safe for all ages. Our product labels have the younger kids logo on one side and the logo for older kids, teens and adults on the other side of the product. Since this is a product made for all and safe for all, we decided to change the logo for each side of the label to accommodate all!

Combating today’s antibiotic-resistant strains requires non- antibiotic solutions that are not subject to bacterial resistance. Ag21 Complex, the patented active ingredient in GermProof®, combines the well-established antimicrobial properties of silver with a naturally occurring polymer into a unique molecule that provides a safe, highly effective, personal and medical care breakthrough!

GermProof® when used on hands and feet or any skin area provides a protective GermProof barrier that lasts, something alcohol doesn't do. It is also safe to spray into nostrils and ears to leave a protective GermProof barrier against airborne germs. You can also use the gel in nostrils as well, more a matter of preference, the squeeze on gel has no tingling sensation though when applied into the nostrils as compared to the spray. The spray doesn't burn or sting but it's a slight tingling sensation at first, no tingle with the squeeze tube gel however! Compare it to a saline nasal flush. There is no sensation from the spray when sprayed into the ears.

GermProof® works effectively well also on wounds such as cuts, abrasions, lacerations, open blisters, sunburn and other minor burns.  It helps with acne, dermatitis, those with diabetes to prevent infections, bug bites and stings, razor burn, razor nicks and so much more. It works to heal and seal while keeping out the germs and promoting rapid, effective healing support.

  • Ag21 Complex is not an antibiotic, and there is no known bacterial resistance
  • Ag21 Complex has been scientifically proven to kill MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Unlike triple antibiotics, GermProof® creates a GermProof barrier over wounds that prevents and fights infection for up to 3 days. This does not work like a band-aid. It's not meant to stop or close bleeding although it will reduce bleeding, especially very minor bleeding. This is a GermProof force field like barrier that kills germs and keps them out ongoing
  • GermProof® is child-safe, and hypoallergenic
  • The active ingredients in Ag21 Complex are naturally derived and non-toxic.
  • GermProof® contains no alcohol, triclosan, silicone, fragrance, parabens or oils and is free of all allergens. It's also not sticky and is odor free, it will not dry out hands either like Alcohol or Benzalkonium Chloride does
  • Size: 1 Oz or 30 ml, 200 sprays approx. Carries perfectly in pocket, you'll hardly know it's there!
  • Directions for use: Clean area of desired use if possible. If using on hands and feet for general use as a daily protector, spray on front and back of hands and soles of feet and heels and in between toes and allow to dry. If using the squeeze on gel apply a single coat and allow to dry. For children, on sensitive skin areas for scrapes and cuts we recommend the gel but if the area is not a sensitive skin area then the spray is just fine. The only reason for us saying that is because the spray has a slight tingle effect sensation for a few seconds at first, not to be confused with stinging but kids are more sensitive. The gel squeeze tube does not have this tingling sensation effect. For other skin areas spray the desired or affected area with GermProof® silver liquid spray or if using the gel squeeze tube, apply an even coat and allow to dry. Approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute. If applying either the spray or squeeze gel to a wound, clean and clear the wound first, dress wound with a sterile gauze or secondary dressing and reapply 1-3 times daily or as needed.
  • Ingredients: Chelated Silver (200 ppm), Distilled water, Vegan Chitosan Natural Polycationic Polymers, Glycerin, L-Arginine