Long-lasting, all-natural, non-toxic, safe, germ barrier protection. Use on hands, feet, wounds, burns, and hard surfaces! 1-888-559-22GP

You may qualify to retail GermProof®!

  • If you are a brick and mortar business owner, store owner or other retailer and wish to carry GermProof® in your physical outlet, please get in touch with us.  Sells great in pharmacies, salons, spas, gyms, airports, theaters, grocery stores, convenience stores, amusement parks, shopping centers, stadiums, truck stops and more!
  • We offer very attractive profit margins.
  • We provide free display cases that really attract impulse buys!
  • Min order quantities would be 48 units packed in a factory sized box. 
  • We would require proof of your business and location.
  • Payment up front is required on all wholesale orders. 
  • We will create a special discount code for you to use on checkout from our site if you qualify.
  • Shipping is not included on wholesale orders but our rates are at 75% discounts and very low!
  • If you qualify we will feature your retail outlet on GermProof.com via a link of where to buy from retailers!
  • GermProof® sells itself and is a great product to carry in any retail outlet!
  • Contact us here.