Comparing GermProof® with Alcohol sanitizers

GermProof® vs. Alcohol

There's a 9 out 10 chance, that your hand sanitizer is alcohol-based. So, let's talk about alcohol-based sanitizers. While being pretty effective against a variety of bacteria and viruses they still come with many faults.  Keep in mind, GermProof®  is not classified as a hand sanitizer, it's so much more, hand sanitizers are classified as drugs, GermProof® is classified as a medical device. If you use a alcohol hand sanitizer for long, you will need to use GermProof®  just to heal your hand again and provide the proper protection and barrier. Here is what's wrong with alcohol sanitizers:

For alcohol-based sanitizers to be highly effective according to FDA recommendations, it has to contain 60-95% alcohol, which leads to the following problems:

  • Dry and even cracked skin, since alcohol in such high concentrations acts as very harsh irritating solvent that strips your skin's moisture and naturally occuring skin oils need to stay healthy.

  • People with various skin conditions can not use alcohol-based sanitizers because it makes their conditions even worse.

  • Doctors and nurses world wide hate alcohol-based sanitizers for making their skin dry and cracked which in turn creates a very serious issue of non-compliance with hygienic regimen that leads to poor hygiene. According to statistics poor hand hygiene is responsible for 40% of infections transmitted in hospitals. Such infections are notoriously hard and expensive to treat and have a significantly high mortality rate.

  • Alcohol-based sanitizers are prone to substance abuse. A lot of US schools have banned use of alcohol-based sanitizers on premises for this very reason. Recently the US Navy also followed suit.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizers are highly flammable and qualify as a fire hazard.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizers do not possess residual antimicrobial activity at all due to the nature of alcohol evaporation.  
For alcohol-based sanitizers to be effective you have to rub the alcohol on your skin for 20 seconds or more before the alcohol evaporates. Now, ask yourself, how much time do you spend rubbing alcohol-based sanitizers over your skin, or better yet, the next time you use one, time yourself. You'll be surprised to find out that you're spending much less than the required twenty seconds applying your sanitizer which means you're not getting the protection you hoped for, not even close!

Don't despair though, there's a solution. It is GermProof® the next generation protector. It's water based and absolutely alcohol-free.

GermProof® Complex technology binds chelated silver with vegan chitosand to create a GermProof® barrier on skin and wounds.  The active ingredients in GermProof® is chealted silver and vegan chitosan, do not confuse chelated silver with colloidal siver, there's a huge difference, colloidal won't adhere to skin.  

‘Chelated’ refers to silver ions that are attached to the Chitosan molecule, turning them cationic or positively charged. This positive charge causes the particle to adhere to the naturally negatively-charged skin. ‘Colloidal Silver’ on the other hand is a suspension of elemental Silver which will not adhere to skin, as it is made up of solid particles.  Most colloidal products are taken orally.  

Chelated silver is more easily applied and more amenable to animal and human physiology than is colloidal silver.  Documented laboratory testing has also demonstrated that chelated silver is [up to 10 times] more efficacious in interdicting and eradicating a broad spectrum of microbes [including staph infections] and skin maladies.

Another very important and unique feature of GermProof® as compared to alcohol sanitizers is it's extended residual antimicrobial activity, it keeps working even after being applied, even when you hands are dry.  Alcohol does not offer this ongoing protection.  Alcohol sanitizers don't assist healing and if put on wounds or burns they cause irritation and severe pain!

GermProof® is not prone to substance abuse, because it's absolutely alcohol-free. It's also non-toxic. Thanks to Complex GermProof® technology the amount of chelated silver in GermProof® is 200ppm, 4x higher than other solutions. Compare it with 60% alcohol concentration in alcohol based sanitizers required by US FDA standard.

GermProof® is safe around children and even babies!  GermProof®  doesn't burn or sting, it has no odor and even if ingested it's harmless!  Even if sprayed into your eyes it's comparable to salt water splashed into your eyes and is momentary!

GermProof®, being water based, allows protective skin oils to stay in place. Unlike alcohol based sanitizers it is suitable for repeated use and will not harm your skin, even if your skin is damaged.  If your skin is damaged GermProof®  will actually help it heal healthier and faster!

Scientific studies show that fragrances are also one of the most common allergens. GermProof® is fragrance free, there's no risk of allergic reaction due to a fragrance allergy.

GermProof® is safe to store and has a 30 month shelf life.