Long-lasting, all-natural, virus and harmful bacteria, barrier protection. Use on hands, inside ear canals, nasal passages, and on hard surfaces. GermProof also heals wounds, burns, infections and more fast! You can also use it on PETS! Order online now. GermProof also works to help protect you naturally against Covid-19, and all variants of it, for hours once applied!

All About GermProof®!

What you put on your skin, you should be able to ingest & should be non-toxic! How does GermProof® work?

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Anything you put on your skin, your biggest organ, you should be able to ingest since your skin absorbs everything you put on it! GermProof® contains no chemicals, alcohol or any other toxins. GermProof® is 100% all natural! 

GermProof® contains the highest concentration of chelated silver on the market!

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Evolved solution for evolved germs!

100% safe for kids, 100% potent against bacteria as a daily hand sanitizer replacement! Apply to inside nostrils, nasal passages, and ear canals, for extra invisible barrier protection!

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Superior germ proofing technology!

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GermProof® also soothes and prevents sunburns from blistering

GermProof® Ingredients

Chelated Silver (200 ppm), Distilled water, Vegan Chitosan Natural Polycationic Polymers 

What is Chitosan?

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Express healing for burns

Why Chelated Silver instead of Colloidal Silver?

Silver has had a long history of personal health applications - water purification, wound care, bone prostheses, reconstructive surgery, etc. In both forms (chelated and colloidal), silver has been used to kill even the most antibiotic-resistant germ strains.

Importantly for everyday wound care, silver stimulates the skin and is commonly used to regenerate whole areas of lost skin.

Chelated refers to silver ions attached to the Chitosan molecule, making them cationic or positively charged. This positive charge causes the particle to adhere to the naturally negatively-charged skin. ‘Colloidal Silver’, on the other hand, is a suspension of elemental silver which will not adhere to the skin, as it is made up of solid particles.

Most colloidal products are taken orally.
Chelated silver is more easily applied and more amenable to animal and human physiology than is colloidal silver.

Documented laboratory testing has also demonstrated that chelated silver is [up to 10 times] more efficacious in preventing and eradicating a broad spectrum of microbes [including staph infections] and skin maladies.

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GermProof your hands daily for soft clean health!

Yes you can GermProof your feet safely and effectively too!

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Can the skin or wound breathe under GermProof® once it's applied?

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Can I use GermProof® on hard surfaces?

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Is the formula FDA approved?