About Us

GermProof® the idea was conceived by a serial entrepreneur, health nut, jock and inventor named Todd. With the help of his partner Jeanette, Todd started a very successful organic, additive-free supplements line in 2005 which in addition to achieving A+, BBB-rated status without even being accredited with the BBB, is still running strong almost 15 years later! Currently, the company happily makes the best and purest 100% organic whole body wellness supplements on the planet bar none, the products are so effective and are used by over 100,000+ happy customers world wide!

As a person with a burning hunger for ideas, Todd had been toying in his mind with an idea for a germ-proof product which was chemical and additive-free. A product that was all natural, and provided lasting GermProof protection to open wounds. In 2009, the name “GermProof” suddenly came to him, and he knew he had to purchase the domain name. When he realized that someone else had already registered the name, he believed so much in the idea that he sought them out and paid a huge sum in exchange for the name. Then began the quest for the perfect GermProof formula.

After finding a great formula created by an experienced chemist and fellow inventor named Bill, Todd was pleased to find out that it met all the criteria he sought - natural, effective and it worked so well too. Bill was willing to produce a line for Todd and so the journey began. But no journey worth taking is free of challenges. Todd put the idea on hold in order to manage his online companies and free up resources but he never gave up hope on GermProof®. Enter Todd's friend Johnny, who encouraged him to rekindle the passion for GermProof, especially as it was the best name in the world and the science behind the product was unparalleled - with backing from a highly regarded chemist.

Thankfully, Todd rekindled the passion in 2019 and is now bringing the dream to reality. Part of the reason for the timing was Todd’s daughter, a relentless gymnast and top aspiring junior Olympian. Todd had witnessed first hand the effects of hand tears, blisters and athlete foot infections, to mention a few, on gymnasts including his daughter. GermProof® is now protecting his daughter as well as other gymnasts from the effects of nasty infections from busy, germ-infested environments while promoting quick healing to help kids get back to practice!

Through GermProof®, Todd aims to change lives forever for the better.
Todd is hoping to unplug more from the internet world which has been his livelihood (for forever, it seems!) to allow him to spend more time with friends and family. His internet serial entrepreneurship spans over two decades from 1998 to 2019, and he hopes that by fulfilling his GermProof® dream, that this will become a reality!

Todd has started and founded over 30 startups including the renowned Shirts.com and Sushi.com as well as H2O.com and many others. Todd is an expert at domain name purchasing, brokering and branding and has sold, started and been involved in over $50m USD in transactions. The thing is that Todd decided he would only start the GermProof® journey if he could land the GermProof.com domain which he did, and the rest is history!

Todd and his team bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this GermProof® launch. Rest assured. Your day-to-day germ worries are now over! GermProof® has the potential to be a household brand name in the same league as the likes of Kleenex, Band-Aid, Q-Tips, Chapstick and yes even Aspirin!

There is NO other product on the market that compares to GermProof®, for what it does, what it stands for and the name! GermProof® is safe for all to use, old and young.