Acerola - Incredible source of natural organic Vitamin C.  #1 immune system builder!  In Stock & Ships Now!

Acerola - Incredible source of natural organic Vitamin C. #1 immune system builder! In Stock & Ships Now!

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A small bright red berry that is native to the West Indies, acerola is one of the most potent sources of natural vitamin C and bioflavanoids known to scientists. If you've been searching for a healthy and natural way to stave off illness, perhaps you should give acerola a go. There is NO better source for Vitamin C and Nothing better for building your immune system up, dramatic proven results we have seen!

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Stop wasting your hard earned $ on ascorbic acid vitamin c and all vitamin c supplements from your local pharmacy or health store, they are made from gmo corn, are synthetic and not natural at all. Our acerola is the purest, most effective and best! Because the body does not store vitamin C and bioflavanoids, they must be replenished on a daily basis. Since these two compounds work together to promote circulation, stimulate bile production, and boost the immune system, they can serve as your body's first line of defense against illness. As if this wasn't a strong enough endorsement for acerola, you might also be interested in knowing that the berry is also very useful in balancing out the pH levels in your intestines, which ultimately leads to better digestion.

High doses of Vitamin C intravenously has been found to be potent against cancer and actually kill cancer cells. Our acerola is the most potent form of all natural vitamin C and is comparable to intravenous Vitamin C doses when taken in our daily recommended doses. Don't just take our acerola when you feel sick or something coming on. Stay on it daily for prevention and optimum health as well! "Massive supplement for immunity unlike anything I have ever seen or witnessed before!"

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Ingredients: Organic & Kosher Acerola Freeze Dried Powder; All natural vege capsules. No additives. 100% pure! 

Suggested Use: 6 capsules minimum daily, children maximum 2 daily. TAKE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH for best results, if you are sensitive you may take with food, chew for best results and maximum absorption. 

Storage Instructions: Store unopened bottle in a cool dry place. 90g total, each capsule=500mg, 180 capsules per bottle. Of each 500mg capsule, each contains 100mg of pure Vitamin C.